Healing In Community: Shifting the Burden of Dismantling Systemic Racism

A two-day conference for those in mental and behavioral healthcare, education, youth services, faith, government, activism, and the broader community. All are welcome.

At KCTI’s 6th annual fall conference we will gather once again in community to lift up the voices of those experiencing the greatest burdens of systemic oppression.


Resmaa Menakem, LICSW

Keynote: Re-membering: Knitting together our cultural somatic history

Mr. Menakem has worked with people facing difficult life circumstances for over 20 years. Resmaa has demonstrated that working within an ecological systemic paradigm to aid people in addressing issues is the most productive way to help challenge, resolve and confront important problems in our relationships and ourselves. As a nationally recognized leader in the fields of diversity, strategic planning, organizational development, and trauma therapy, Resmaa empowers people to better understand their past and present successes and obstacles. Individuals, couples and families then use this information to build a more intentional future. Resmaa has also been featured on the Oprah and The Dr. Phil Show as a family and relationship expert.

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