Internship Program

Graduate student interns

Graduate student interns are an integral part of KCTI'S mission and work to create more diverse and culturally competent Therapist. Interns are housed at Kente Circles clinic in South Minneapolis, and while there, they gain valuable experience regarding relationship, team building, cultural competency, and self-of-the therapist issues. These experiences occur not only through training and supervision, but also in practice through co-therapy teams, cultural events, and group dialogue. KCTI is committed to relationship building not only between the interns and staff, but also with the larger community and our clients.

Co-therapy teams:  Interns work with experienced therapists in teams to provide therapy to diverse individuals, couples, and families.  Additionally, MFT, LPCC, SW, and PsyD interns work as a team to best meet the needs of client assessment and diagnosis.

Cultural Competency:  Culture impacts all of the work we do at Kente Circle, as it is related to ethnicity, socio-economic status, sexuality, ability, etc. Interns experience on-going dialogue and reflection on these topics in supervision, with one another, and at various  trainings and cultural events throughout the year.

Self-of-the-therapist:  Because our own individual histories and experiences impact the work we do as therapists, Kente Circle invites interns to reflect on issues that come up for them while working with clients and with one another. The team environment at Kente Circle challenges interns and staff to work through these issues, believing that our own processes are not separate from how we provide therapy.

  • One hour of individual supervision per week (provided on-site)
  • Two hours of group supervision twice a month (provided on-site)
  • Monthly cultural events​​
  • Expected 20 hours per week for combined administrative work, agency duties, co-therapy, and client contact hours
  • Interns work for one full year beginning in August
  • Cover letters and resumes from MFT, SW, LPCC and MSW students are to be sent to no later than January 21st 2022.​
  • All applicants go through a two part interview process that consists of an individual interview with several Kente Circle staff as well as a role-play created by previous years interns.
  • Must be available for both interviews on February 3rd and 4th
  • Final selections will be made within day or two of interviews.


Hear From Our Interns

I have greatly benefitted from the KCTI's events, conferences and Internship. It provided me space to process and connect with others who share similar experiences and concerns, which is empowering because it lets me know that I am not alone in desiring change in our community.
Kong Moua|Intern 2019
Kong Moua
Intern 2019
KCTI has helped me develop as a clinician and person. As an intern and now as a professional in the field, I seek out KCTI training to be on the cutting edge of culturally affirming mental health. Fellowship and support at KCTI allows me to provide the best care to my clients in the mental health field.
Yonis Gabow|Intern 2012
Yonis Gabow
Intern 2012
I was a part of Kente's first intern group. My experience with my mentors helped me to recognize and understand the box I had been socialized to think/feel/see/act/live in. They supported me with developing a curiosity about myself as well as with those who were different than me. All of this allowed me to engage with people in a way that I hadn’t before.
Katie Kussard|Intern2005
Katie Kussard
Intern 2005

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