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KCTI is now offering more ways for the community to stay connected. If you are unable to attended our interactive in-person or virtual training, partake in our online past recorded training. All presentation may not be available if missed, but it is our goal to keep the community involved in more flexible ways. Stay connected as we will occasionally offer reflective conversations of past presentation as a bundle for some of our videos. If you are interested in receiving update, please subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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Healing In Community: Shifting the Burden of Dismantling Systemic Racism

7 Videos

Reclaiming Our Humanity and Voices through PROTEST: Responding to Racial Trauma and Violence

5 Videos

And Still We Rise: A Celebration of our collective Resiliency and Affirmation that we are more than our struggles and trauma

5 Videos

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Continuing Education Units

During our in-person and live trainings, attendees will receive CEU upon each day of completion. Attendees that decide to partake in our online recorded conversation will receive a certificate for applying for an CEU.

Continuing Education Units

The KCTI conference is designed to meet continuing education requirements for many disciplines. The following boards are expected to provide CEU approval:

Professionals in other related disciplines, as well as those working outside of Minnesota, can submit CEU certificates to their corresponding boards for independent approval.

Actual CEU amounts will be dependent upon your specific licensure board and attendance.

Kente Circle Training Institute

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