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Keynote: Root Work: A Path to Liberation & Understanding Power

Personal clarity is a prerequisite to creating and sharing healing strategies for individuals and communities which have experienced violence (economic, physical, sexual, emotional, cultural etc.), oppression, daily micro-aggressions, and economic under-investment and are manifesting emotional difficulties as a result of these experiences. We can build sustainable and effective programs by engaging the root causes of distress, understanding context and by increasing our ability to identify and disrupt power transactions which compromise individuals and communities. We can invest our energy in co-creating prevention, early intervention and healing programs in collaboration with mental health consumer/survivors and affected communities to support emotional well-being.  Together we have the power to transform our communities!

Ms. Jackson is a licensed clinical social worker and owner of Healing Circles, Inc., a personal and professional development consulting practice in Atlanta. Ms. Jackson is an author and nationally recognized speaker on mental health issues. She has developed a concept, fiscal trauma”, which served as the foundation for an economic empowerment recovery program for survivors of domestic violence. She offers an Activists Assistance Program to provide politically conscious and clinically sound counseling and healing workshops to Atlanta-area feminist/queer/social justice non- profit organizations. Ms. Jackson is the author of numerous publications including In Our Own Voice: African-American Stories of Oppression, and Survival and Recovery in Mental Health Systems.

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