Dr. J. Phillip Rosier, Jr. LMFT, PsyD, Cultural Integration of Healing Concepts


This training will support previous studies on multicultural counseling conducted by Sue & Sue. More specifically (Sue et al, 1982, 1992), suggest a 3-dimension model that focus on:

  1. Beliefs and Attitudes (identify your cultural belief and your client’s cultural belief)
  2. Knowledge (Increase cultural knowledge)
  3. Skills (Utilize skills that are congruent with the culture of the client)

The Multicultural Integration training will help participants integrate their own beliefs and attitudes about their own culture and approach to practice.  This training will start through a multiple definition of multicultural counseling. Second, it will focus on helping participants identify their own cultural values as well as the cultural values and beliefs inherent in the helping field of Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology. Third the participants will gain knowledge about different cultures and get exposure about the cultural values and beliefs of multiple cultures. Last participants will leave with strategies, interventions and skills used to identify and integrate multicultural values into practice.

Graduate Intern Application